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WWOOFING: the five tips to follow before leaving

WWOOF is a way to travel and work. It is to learn, and to serve at the same time. The principle is simple: work on a farm or farm, in exchange for shelter and food. The idea federates a growing community: at the time of writing this article, there are 1684 active hosts listed on the site WWOOF France.

And then, what's great about all this is that the areas of learning are many: eco-construction, breeding, beekeeping, market gardening, cooking, canine hikes with mushers ... Whether it's a experience of a week or months, WWOOFing is an incredible opportunity to build relationships by learning to master useful techniques that will positively mark your life course.

Here are some tips to find the WWOOFing of your dreams, and live the experience thoroughly!

1 - List your desires

Before even going through the ads, asking yourself and thinking about your future experience can guide you in choosing your wwoofing. Many opportunities are available to you: knowing in advance what you are looking for, where you are looking for, sorting will be easier!

Make lists. Put down on paper the missions that you wish to privilege, what you want to learn during your stay, or the places you dream to visit ... If you go to many, this method can help you find a mission that will meet the expectations of each.

2 - Shelling ads

The goals are now determined! Now you spend long hours browsing wwoofing ads. The best method is to follow your intuition. When reading the ads, and browsing the photos, ask yourself a few questions: Do I see myself working in this place? Do I see myself sleeping in a caravan for two months? Do the missions suit me? Also try to widen your field of research: sometimes, even if the missions and the conditions are a hundred leagues of our hopes, the magic operates. To be surprised by a thunderbolt is nice, right?

3- Transparency

On WWOOF.fr as in life, the first contact is important. But in WWOOFing, it's not just about making a good impression. A first message exchange will help your host find out who you are, and under what conditions he or she should welcome you. And, from your side, this contact will allow you to know if the reality really corresponds to your expectations. It is important to be transparent from the beginning. In your first message, present yourself in a pleasant, respectful and honest way, explaining why you want to come. If you have important information about yourself (a work-out, or a medical condition), it's best if your host is aware of it, rather than discovering it when you knock on his door. For your part, do not hesitate to ask the questions that matter to you: the questions "beasts" are often those that avoid many misunderstandings.

4- Make concessions

In the same way that your host will have to adapt to your skills, your facilities and your physical strength, get ready to agree with his way of working. We do not rebuild, certainly. But adjusting a little bit is part of the experience! Prepare yourself mentally to leave some small habits aside, and to try new ones. Cooking, getting up at five in the morning, living with other WWOOFers, washing at the sink ... Some of them are hard to take. They are nevertheless part of the experience, and you will learn a lot about yourself (yes, it's worth it).

5- Pack a functional and optimal bag

Once again, the sheet of paper is your best ally. List all the equipment you think you need, from underwear to your flute. Once this list is established, go through it quickly: you will realize that some objects or clothing may be superfluous. Ah, and that a gourd could be useful, if you work on a field of several hectares, or if your stay is in full month of August (even both)! Make your bag a few weeks before leaving. If you realize that everything does not fit, it is better to notice it as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that traveling light also helps to reduce morale. And then, you are not immune to starting a small hike during your journey. Enjoying a ride in the vicinity is easier when your package does not weigh too much on your shoulders!

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