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Mulching of nettles?

Questions> <Answers > Category: Soil life > Mulching of nettles?
Happiness requested 3 years ago

I put a part of my garden in winter sleep, I cleaned, fine compost and I thought to mulch nettles. Is it a good idea ?

3 Réponses
Maxence answered 3 years ago

Hello Felicite! Here Maxence.It is a very good idea to protect the earth of his garden from winter weather. This reduces leaching and erosion. It can be good to amend your cultivated land with compost if necessary. Caution: however, beware of the carbon / nitrogen imbalances that can cause.The garden or kitchen compost are often concentrated in nitrogen. Nettles too, when they are the new autumn shoots (less worries in the spring). That's a lot of nitrogen, at a time when 'no is not growing'. Especially since the nitrogen pollutes.My advice: rebalance all this newly brought organic matter with rather carbonaceous material. You can add, for example, dead leaves (fallen) or wood chips (crushed), or straw. Beware of horse manure that contains many herbaceous seeds that you do not want in a kitchen garden.It must always pay attention to the organic material that is put in his garden to avoid creating imbalance. Crops growing in unbalanced soil have been shown to be more prone to attack by fungal diseases, or insects. Remember, to keep the soil of your vegetable garden relatively active during the winter, it is good to have perennials nearby. Feel free to come during one of our farm trainings, where we can revisit these points in more depth. Hoping to have helped you

Happiness answered 3 years ago

Thank you Maxence for this long answer. I intend to come to attend a vegetable training one day! My garden is \\\ "above ground \\\", is raised because we have installed on the geothermal area of ​​the house. It is not so huge. I will follow your recommendations and mulch it with leaves.

Happiness answered 3 years ago

We make our compost with the whole organic waste of the garden and the house, the garden making 8ha, as well saying that the kitchen counts for little. My husband will pick up the horse manure from the nearby pony club and add it to the pile. For now, it works well. I keep the shredded wood for the flat flowerbands around the house! Thank you for your advice, see you soon for a family visit, and long live the slow kitchen life!

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