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Ognon, the Vegetable Garden

permacultural inspired agro-ecological farm

The history of the vegetable garden

The land of Ognon is mentioned for the first time in 1197. It belonged at that time to Barthélemy d'Ognon.

A century later, a confession signed by one of his descendants, Regnaut d'Ognon, gives an overview of the composition of the estate. It is a manor house (hostel) with a courtyard, garden and around one hundred arpents of woodland, located partly near the manor, partly in the Saint-Jean de Senlis wood. The Vegetable Garden of the Park is the historic Vegetable Garden of this manor.

onion vegetable permaculture agroecology training baskets

The vegetable garden today

 For several decades, and until recently, the vegetable garden was mainly cultivated for family use. It retains today, in some places, the characteristics of that time: large alleys for strolling, areas of geometric cultures inspired by French gardens.

Today, we are giving new life to the vegetable garden, which we continue to cultivate according to the principles of permaculture, and agroecology: respect for the life of the soil, the association of plants, design thought out by virtue of of non-action. 

The vegetable garden has continued to evolve ever since. Permaculture is inspired by natural laws, science, but also ancestral practices. That is why we have taken into account the history and structure of the garden in the design of our permaculture farm.

Now we are proud to offer baskets of natural fruits and vegetables. The crops they come from do not undergo human modifications that could interfere with healthy plant growth - such as the use of pesticides, whether chemical or natural.

A training organization, we welcome interns and woofers throughout the year who wish to share with us the idea of ​​natural agriculture. From the discovery of its principles to the learning of permaculture design, we want to allow anyone who wishes to acquire solid foundations, both practical and theoretical, to create and cultivate a garden based on the teachings of permaculture. .

To meet

We welcome you from Monday to Friday. Our courses are also accessible to school groups, associations and companies.

If you have any questions about permaculture, our trainings, our baskets or if you want to share a project with us, contact us via contact@ognon.org

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