Our mission
Reinventing the way small producers produce and sell

Our mission

Ognon is a farm with mission of education and research. We want to help small farms and individual producers reinvent the way they grow and sell their products with respect for everyone and the planet.

Our promise: Cultivate without pesticides, products of an irreproachable freshness, and available directly on our farm.

- We produce without no pesticides or fertilizers (even natural)
- We produce without mechanization
We sell exclusively what we grow or produce (for example our jams or our apple juice)
- We favor the biodiversity

Our products go straight from the farm to the fork.

Fresher products, better products, excellent value for money

Our working methods are part of integral to our philosophy.
The way we work is as important as what we do.
Our mission guides our development. Our growth has MEANING.
The most important criteria are the quality and freshness of our products.

We want to live decently from our work and our passion for the land and good products.
We are transparent with our suppliers, our partners and our teams we treat them with respect.
We give you access to products that focus on what matters most - our communities, our friends, our families, and ourselves.

Our products do not travel.
Thanks to you, we reinvent every day the way small farms produce and sell in respect of everyone and the planet.

We share our knowledge and invest in research
Our vocation is to share with our communities and all our knowledge.
We invest in research projects and we share our discoveries with you to foster the development of a more responsible agriculture