Plant your tomatoes, tips and tricks permaculture

Plant your tomatoes

It's time to plant your tomatoes, find the advice of Maxence!

Some tips and tricks for planting your tomatoes:

  • Plant in mid-May with "full sun" exposure, after the last frosts,
  • Space plans about 60cm. If you can put them against a wall it's perfect. A little wind does not harm,
  • To cover the foot, do not association with basil, salad, Indian carnations or marigolds,works very well,
  • You can put a little freshly cut grass at the bottom of the hole (a handful) or even better of the nettle,
  • You can remove both leaves from the bottom of the foot,
  • The hole may be about twenty centimeters but you will not plant the plant on about 10 centimeter so that the roots go down well, no need to tamp the soil after planting because it crushes the roots,
  • Water for a long time at the planting and then no longer water for a week so that the roots get in the habit of fetching the water deep down and down. You can then water your plants regularly,
  • Do not wait to place guardians because by installing them later, you could damage the roots
  • It is absolutely necessary to mulch so as not to leave the soil exposed
  • Do not forget to note the varieties of different feet to find you there.

Good luck and do not hesitate to send us your photos!

Plant your tomatoes
Plant your tomatoes