Farming for the future

Ognon is a research facility in agroecology, and natural agriculture inspiration , permaculture. We design and perform trainings, we create natural ecosystem for high demanding customers, without any treatments, even natural. You can also order our products only made with fruits and vegetables we grow.

Ognon for the food pros

  • Bespoke production of vegetables
  • Delegation of production

The Lab

  • Current projects
  • researchers
  • Students
  • Woofers
  • Etudes


  • Design and plant wall
  • Plant architecture
  • Parking
  • Rooftops
  • SmartCity

Become an informed agro-citizen

Learn and enjoy resilient and sustainable farming practices

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Ognon is an agroecological educational vegetable facility inspired by permaculture and agroecology. We want to allow everyone to easily create their micro-farm and we develop tools to enable it.